About Us

Built in 1892 as a private home and restored a century later, the Chateau Tivoli offers nine lavishly appointed rooms and suites. Once it won the hearts of Mark Twain, Lily Langtry, and Luisa Tetrazzini, and today, its doors are open to you. Step inside, and you enter a world of Victorian splendor, a world of hand-carved woodwork, crystal chandeliers, period wall papers, and oriental carpets. Some furnishings come from the estates of the Vanderbilts, Charles DeGaulle and J. Paul Getty, and all are artfully arranged to recreate the look and feel of life at the turn of the century.

Whether you’re relaxing with wine and cheese in the stately double parlor or sipping hot tea in the ornate dining room, you’ll feel welcome and well-cared for, like a special guest in an inviting private home.

Charm and color are what San Francisco is all about. And there is perhaps no inn more charming or more colorful than this city’s celebrated painted lady, the Chateau Tivoli.

The Chateau Tivoli in Popular Culture

From the Chateau Tivoli’s Past